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Help Your Customers and Employees Breathe Easier

Hollander Cleaning Services knows that a clean business improves employee safety and satisfaction. Not to mention, it makes a great first impression on your customers. We specialize in commercial cleaning for various industries, from healthcare to banks. We bring the same professionalism to every cleaning job but also value the unique needs of your business. Our trusted cleaning staff use eco-friendly cleaning products and follow the best cleaning practices for your industry, so you can always have peace of mind.

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Our Business Cleaning Services

Our business cleaning services are customized to fit your needs. Whether you need a monthly deep clean or want your bathrooms cleaned and restocked at the end of each business day, Hollander Cleaning Services will create a custom plan that works for you. Here are a few of our most common services.

If you’re interested in a service you don’t see listed above, contact us directly. We’d love to see how we can help and offer a free quote.

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Prevents Damage

Regular commercial cleaning can keep your furniture and floors in good condition for years to come. But, especially in a business setting, carpet can take a beating, from dirty shoes to coffee spills. We’ll remove dirt and debris build-up and prevent stains from setting.

Healthier Environment

Cleaning and disinfecting your space regularly will keep your employees and customers healthier and happier. With fewer viruses and bacteria in your workplace, you might also notice a decline in sick day usage.

Improved Productivity and Morale

Working in a clean and organized environment boosts employee productivity and makes them feel better about coming into work. Show your employees that you value their safety and comfort with professional cleaning services.

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Why Choose Hollander Cleaning Services?

Locally-Owned and Operated

Hollander Cleaning Services is not a franchise or large corporation. Instead, we live and work right here in southern Colorado. We take pride in offering excellent cleaning services to our community. If there’s ever an issue with your cleaning job, you can call us directly, and we’ll make it right.


Our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about trading viruses for unhealthy chemicals. Our mission is to improve your quality of life, while protecting the planet.

Serves a Range of Industries

Hollander Cleaning Services has the expertise and discretion to serve businesses in healthcare, finance, fitness, food, and retail spaces. We also worked with churches and religious organizations.


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Hollander Cleaning Services is proud to be your one-stop-shop for commercial cleaning in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park. Whether you need ongoing cleaning or a one-time service, we’d love to help your business succeed by creating a clean and healthy environment for you, your employees, and your customers. Show your professionalism with a sparkling clean from Hollander Cleaning Services. Request a quote today.